About the Flute

Woodwind Lessons

Round Rock and Leander ISD are lucky to have some of the best school orchestra programs for kids in Texas — and for adults, it’s never too late to learn something new, or pick up where you left off! With one-on-one private lessons, Sense & Color is ready to help you master that beautiful and powerful little instrument, the flute.

The flute is a popular choice for students due to its small size, portability, and its beautiful melodic tone. It’s also a great way to develop good posture and breathing techniques, and playing the flute exercises your finger dexterity at the same time. It’s also easy to keep the instrument in good shape, since it has no reeds or other delicate parts to maintain, and it’s a breeze to take with you for lessons or practice, since you don’t need cables or amps, or a minivan to transport your instrument. (We’re pretty sure that almost every tuba player has grumbled to themselves at least once while loading in for a rehearsal, “You just HAD to pick the tuba, didn’t you? You could have picked the flute, but no. It had to be a tuba.”)

(Not picking on tubas. Some of our best friends are tubas. But seriously, the flute is one of the most convenient instruments to play, and a great choice for students with limited physical ability.)

Like brass and other woodwinds, your embouchure (mouth shape) and breath control are critical for good flute playing, so in order to get the best tone and breath support, it’s important to spend time working with an expert to learn the right habits from the beginning.

The flute has been around almost as long as music, and it’s been found in just about every era and genre, from jazz, to folk, to classical, and even rock! Our flute instructor, Jimmy Spencer, has years of experience as Band Director and Head of the Fine Arts Dept for multiple high schools, so he’s a fantastic asset for students going into school orchestra and band programs. He’s also been a drummer for multiple rock bands as well, so he has experience in all genres. Let Jimmy help take your flute playing to the next level!