Welcome to Sense & Color!

Build a musical routine with weekly reserved lessons and a convenient monthly payment. No contracts, and start anytime!

First time here? Here are our most commonly asked first questions.
How much do lessons cost?

The short answer is $32 per half-hour session if you book them one at a time, or $30 each if you enroll in a monthly autodraft. Click here to learn more about how we charge for our lessons, including vacation weeks, family discounts, and more.

How do I book my first lesson?
For first-time students, we recommend heading to our Book Now page. Click on the instrument you want, read about the teachers, pick a time, and book one single lesson with no further commitment. After you’ve taken that first lesson and met the teacher, you can decide whether you’d like to reserve your weekly time, or try a different teacher or instrument.

To enroll and reserve your time every week, email staff@senseandcolor.com or text Amy at 512-915-9800 and we’ll get you set up!

(If you have any problems using the Book Now page, we have some helpful tips on our Online Booking FAQ.)

Is my first lesson free?

It can be!

We don’t give free lessons, but if you decide to enroll with us within one week after your first lesson, we’ll credit the cost of that lesson toward your first monthly invoice! So retroactively, the answer is yes.

Are your lessons online, or in-person?

We’ve always done our lessons in-person, but for now, we’re doing our part to contain the COVID spread, so we’ve moved to a fully virtual lesson model! We’ll keep everyone updated as we know more.

I have more questions.

And we have SO many more answers!

From billing to makeups, to general info and more, we’ve answered every question we can think of on our FAQ, which you can find here.