Josh Terry


Josh Terry, violin and piano instructorJosh grew up in Florida, where he spent his time water gardening, woodcarving, playing the violin, and slaying giant sea monsters in the Gulf of Mexico. He’s composed film scores, arranged string quartets, and recorded/produced everything from rock bands to madrigalian choirs. Josh played first violin in the Tampa Bay Symphony and holds a degree in classical violin with a focus in composition from the University of Miami, where he worked on both violin and classical piano before moving to Austin to continue conquering the planet with cool noises.

Josh plays and records most instruments, but teaches violin, piano, and songwriting primarily. We’re positively humbled to say that Josh has been with us at Sense & Color for over six years now, and he’s still a favorite! Josh’s creative and inquisitive nature pushes him to never stop learning and growing, and that aspect of his personality spills over into his students as well, several of whom have blossomed into some of our best student players! Josh’s gentle demeanor and willingness to slow down and really connect with what motivates his students makes him a great choice for students who haven’t quite yet come out of their shell.