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Student Portal & Billing  FAQ

How to reschedule or cancel a lesson

To reschedule, log into the Student Portal, select the lesson (either from your Home page, or in the calendar), and click “Cancel.” As long as it’s at least 24 hours in advance, a makeup credit will be added to your account automatically.

Instructions on how to cancel a lesson in our student portal

Remember that canceling lessons in the Student Portal won’t affect your monthly billing! To cancel lessons completely, email us at least seven full days before the end of the month to stop monthly billing.

How to use your makeup credits

Look for Open Spots in the Student Portal calendar. Click on the one you want to book, then select “Register.” As long as you have the right length of time in a makeup credit on your account, that’s it!

Note: Makeup credits are equal to the length of the original lesson. If you have an hour makeup, and book a 30-minute lesson, you’ll still have .5 makeup credit left.

Also note: Makeup credits are specific to each teacher, so if you’d like to use a makeup credit with a different teacher, email us and we’ll transfer it to the teacher of your choice. ?

How to book makeup lessons in MMS

How do I know whether I have makeup credits?

When you log in as a parent to the Student Portal, you’ll see your makeup credits displayed on the homepage. The length of the lesson credits will match the length of the lessons that were cancelled.

If you don’t have any makeups on your account, you’ll see a notice showing your attendance over the past 90 days instead of a makeup number on the main portal homepage, and you can also click on “Contact Info” in the Student Portal to see your makeup credit total there as well.


How to stop lessons and cancel monthly billing

If you’re enrolled in our monthly plan and need to stop lessons, send us an email at least 7 days before the end of the month, and we’ll stop all future charges. Tuition is non-refundable once billed! If you cancel in the middle of a month after paying for that month, you can still use your remaining lessons, or you can request makeup credits to save them for later.

SUPER IMPORTANT:  To cancel your enrollment, you MUST notify us by email.

Do makeup credits expire?

Makeup credits are good for 60 days from date of issue.

What can I do in the Student Portal?

Pretty much everything. Check your calendar, make payments or update your card, read school news or notes from your teacher, cancel or reschedule lessons, log your practice time, book makeup lessons, and more!

How to set autopay with a bank account

Click on the image below for the full walkthrough (there are two steps, one of which you have to click the image to see).

How to add a bank account into My Music Staff


How to set autopay with a credit card

All lessons need to be pre-paid, so we require a credit card or bank account on file before lessons are booked. Click on the image to see how you can set this up yourself!

How to add a credit card in the student portal

Can I purchase single lesson or lesson packages?

Yes! Once you’ve added a credit card to your account, email the office to let us know how many lessons you’d like to book. We’ll charge your card for that number of lessons, and add that number of makeup credits to your account, which you’ll be able to use to book lessons online.

Makeup credits are good for 60 days,