Photo & Video Policy

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Our Photo/Video Policy

NOTE: It is possible that parts of your video lessons may be recorded by teachers for the purpose of sending practice materials to your student after a lesson. These videos will NEVER be shared with anyone but the student without your permission.

We love to share photos and videos of our students, both to brag about them, and to show how much fun our lessons and recitals can be!

By checking the box and agreeing to our photo policy, you’re agreeing that:

  • We may share photos or video clips from your lessons on our website or social media. Examples of this might include a cute moment where a student’s pet makes a surprise appearance on camera, or a particularly amazing performance that we can’t wait to share! We will always ask a student if they’re comfortable with us posting something, and we’d never post anything we think would be embarrassing, or give out too much personal info. (Possible personal info included in videos are limited to names, length of time with the school, teacher, and instrument studied).
  • We may share photos or clips from recital videos specifically submitted to us by the student or parent.
  • Photos or video clips of your student may be included in video montages or print advertising created by the school.

NOTE: If you do NOT agree to the three bullet points above, you may leave the box unchecked. It’s not required for registration!

Thanks for reading!