Quiesean Wilson


Quiesean Wilson, vocal instructorAccording to his mother, Quiesean  (pronounced “key-shawn”) Wilson’s love for music began before birth. He grew up watching his dad and uncles sing and play in a gospel quartet, sparking a strong early interest in music and performance, and by the age of three, he was already playing guitar with a broom and singing into the handle of a jump rope. His family also listened to blues, jazz, and r&b soul music, which he loved then, and which still feeds his love of music to this day.

When he first sang in the church choir, it became clear that he could really sing, and in his first grade first talent show, he tied for first place with a performance so powerful he brought the crowd to tears. Quiesean attended the Fine Arts Academy at McCallum High School, where he was introduced to a whole new world of music and entertainment, including dancing, acting, singing in the Honor choir, show choir, musical theater, vocal lessons, and much more.

Quiesean is a natural performer with an incredible vocal range. His talents and command of the stage have landed him on TV, on radio stations, and in several local and national cover bands. He is currently working on his own music project, and is creating his own band in Austin. With all that Quiesean has done and is continuing to do, he knows that God has given him this amazing gift, and he’s excited for the opportunity to give back to kids and adults, as well as learn from his students too.

We at Sense & Color at thrilled to have a talent like Quiesean joining our vocal team as of 2020!