Rock Band Academy

Build a musical routine with weekly reserved lessons and a convenient monthly payment. No contracts, and start anytime!

Rock Academy Headliners play at Hanovers in PflugervillePlaying live builds confidence and gives family a chance to cheer on their loved ones in a welcoming, supportive environment. Most importantly, being part of a live concert is exciting and fun, and it’s a great way to make friends who enjoy the same things you do!


We hold recitals four times a year for all students, on professional stages around the Austin area, and we highly encourage everyone of all ages and skill levels to participate. The recital fee is $30 per family, which covers venue rental, sound and lighting technicians, teacher attendance, etc. (Recital fees are waived for students enrolled in the band program.)

Scroll down for a video montage from one of our 2018 recitals, and down even farther for photos from past shows. Our students have a ton of fun performing!


Make new friends and take your musical experience to a whole new level by joining a live student band! Each group practices together for 90 minutes per week, in addition to their private lesson time.

Rock Academy rates are $120/month for a 90-minute group practice every week, in addition to regular monthly private lesson rates. (Performances and recitals are included, so band members don’t pay recital fees.)

Click the group names below to learn about the group types/levels:

Rock Academy One (ages 7-14)
Practice every week with your own rock band, and perform live on stage at our recitals!

Open to all students skilled enough in their instruments to follow along in a group setting. We’ll begin with one group, then as more students sign up, we’ll divide into separate bands, based on how many of each instrument we have, and the best musical fit for each student.

All instruments and vocalists welcome. No prior group experience required.

Rock Academy Headliners (ages 12+)
Our most experienced players, tackling more challenging music. They’ll perform live at all recitals, and some additional performance opportunities throughout the year as well.

By audition only. All instruments and vocalists eligible. Talk to your teacher if you think you’re ready!