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Bass Guitar Lessons

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About The Bass

If you find your head bobbing or your feet tapping while listening to music, chances are you’re feeling a good groove—and you can thank the bassist for that. We don’t get as many requests for bass as we get for our other instruments, only because bass doesn’t get the flashy melody lines. But bassists get those deep, resonant rhythms, and a good bassist will never—and we mean NEVER—have trouble finding a band.

Bass is an easy instrument to learn initially, as you’ll start with single root notes rather than full chords, so you can jump into full songs almost right away. Over time, as your rhythm skills and understanding of chords and melody grows, your bass lines will grow in complexity with you.

Note: An electric bass needs an amplifier to be heard, so you’ll need a bass amp as well. You can use ours at the school, but for online lessons or practicing at home, you’ll need your own.

What Size Bass Should I Choose?

Bass guitars come in several sizes, including short scale, standard, and extra-long scale, and varying numbers of strings (most bass guitars rock four strings, but advanced players might opt for five or even six-stringed basses, giving the instrument a lower range). For new students, we recommend the standard four-string bass, and the short-scale length is an ideal option for helping smaller students navigate the fretboard with ease.

Solidbody Or Hollowbody?

That's a common question for beginner bass players! It's like choosing between chocolate or vanilla, but with more strings involved.

Solidbody basses are the tried-and-true workhorses of the bass world. Picture a robust, sturdy instrument ready to handle the rigors of your low-end adventures. With their solid construction, they offer punchy tones, great sustain, and enough power to shake the foundations of any venue.

Hollowbody basses are—as the name suggests—hollow, so not as thick and heavy, and resonate with a unique character that sets them apart from the solidbody clan. They whisper sweet melodies, offering a warm, woody tone that can transport you to a jazzy, bluesy wonderland.

Which should a beginner choose? That depends on personal taste and your musical aspirations. If you're yearning to rock hard and deliver thunderous grooves, a solidbody bass will be your trusty companion.

If you find yourself drawn to the seductive allure of jazz, blues, or even a touch of old-school rockabilly, the hollowbody bass might be your melodic soulmate. Its resonant tones and vintage vibes will transport you to a bygone era, where every note carries a story.

As with all instruments, we recommend you try before you buy! Our Austin students can try out different bass guitars without commitment by renting from places like Rock N Roll Rentals on Burnet Rd, but most cities should offer good rental options with a quick online search.

Note: Did you know that there’s such a thing as a ukulele bass? U-basses are small and cute, with thick, soft, rubbery strings, tuned the same way as a standard four-string bass. They need to plug into an amp just like other bass guitars, and they have a sound reminiscent of a big stand-up double bass.

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