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Why We Love the Drums

There’s a saying that goes, “A band is only as good as its drummer” — and it’s true. A good drummer gives music a power and a drive that you just can’t get any other way, and there's something undeniably satisfying about sitting behind a drum kit and feeling the sheer power and energy it exudes.

Drumming releases feel-good endorphins, and it’s a great way to meet and make friends, as it’s an instrument that really only plays well with others. It takes focus and practice to really get good at it, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating! Our drum teachers will help students learn how to break complicated rhythms into their component parts, and how to build an exciting rhythm and groove from simple beginnings.

Note: We have two full drum kits you'll play on during lessons, but you'll need something to practice on at home. If you’re concerned about volume at home, it’s not hard to keep it quiet with an electronic drum set. Yamaha and Alesis are good brands that offer a full drumming experience with the added benefit of volume knobs and headphone jacks. You don’t even need a full kit to get started—a simple practice pad can be enough to practice beats and rhythms at home.

Are Drums And Percussion The Same?

All drums are percussion instruments, but not all percussion instruments are drums. Percussion instruments are anything you can hit to create sound, whether it's with your hands, mallets, sticks, or any other creative means of striking. (Fun fact: a piano is considered a percussion instrument because the strings are struck by hammers!)

Drumming Is For Everyone

We actually recommend drum lessons for all our students, not just those who want to specifically become drummers! It's a stress reducer, a full-body physical workout, and a fantastic way to enhance your muscle coordination and motor skills. It also:

  • Helps music students gain a profound understanding of rhythm and timing, which are fundamental across all musical genres
  • Sharpens listening skills, as you practice synchronizing with different instruments and musical cues
  • Enhances your sense of dynamics, teaching you how to control volume and intensity
  • Fosters a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration, as you learn to lock in with other musicians and create a cohesive sound
  • Builds confidence, as drummers are the backbone of the band

Drumming is also an exhilarating form of self-expression and a cathartic outlet for channeling energy and emotion into powerful beats - and that's good for everyone!

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