FAQs and Policies

Build a musical routine with weekly reserved lessons and a convenient monthly payment. No contracts, and start anytime!

Booking & Scheduling

I'm new. How do I book a lesson?

New and returning students should first register here. After registration, check your email. We’ll contact you soon to help you find the perfect teacher and get your lessons booked!

When can I start?

No time like the present! When a student enrolls with us, the charge for the first month will be pro-rated based on the number of lessons left in the month. All months after that will be the flat monthly rate.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Not at all!

Once you start the monthly membership, you’ll only be billed one month at a time, and you can stop anytime as long as we get notice at least 7 days before the end of the month.

Do you offer a trial lesson?

Yes, your first 45-minute lesson will be half price, or just $25! One offer per student.

Can I reserve the same time every week?

Yes! Our monthly billing plan with auto-draft keeps your favorite teacher and lesson time reserved every week. To start your monthly enrollment, email the office.

Read more on our billing plans here.

What happens if I need to miss a lesson?

Lessons may be rescheduled with at least 24 hours’ notice. If you know you won’t make a lesson, log in to the Student Portal as soon as possible to cancel it and receive a makeup credit. Lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice may not be made up.

There’s a separate FAQ for questions about the Student Portal and billing/scheduling here: Student Portal and Billing FAQ

How do I know whether I have makeups on my account?

Log into your Student Portal. If you have any makeup credits on your account, they’ll be listed there on the first page.

What happens if my teacher has to cancel?

We really try not to, but sometimes life happens and we have no choice! If a teacher needs to cancel a lesson, we’ll notify students by email, phone, or text. We’ll try to find a new time for the lesson, but if we can’t, we’ll add a makeup credit to your account, which you can use to re-book the lesson another time. Makeup codes can also be used to pay recital fees!

Do makeups expire?

Makeup credits are good for 60 days from date of issue.

Are you open on holidays?

The school doesn’t officially close for holidays, but the monthly tuition only covers 48 lessons per year. This means there are four weeks not included in the monthly tuition:

SPRING BREAK WEEK (Leander ISD calendar)

Some of our teachers do choose to teach those weeks, so it’s possible to use those weeks for makeup lessons, or to purchase additional single lessons. For all other holidays, including Memorial Day, Labor Day, Indigenous Peoples’ Day, etc, we are open as normal! If your teacher plans to be out those days, you’ll receive notice from us in advance, and we’ll add a makeup credit to your account, which you can use to re-book that lesson on another day.

Billing Questions

What methods of payment do you accept?

Lessons need to be pre-paid, so we require a credit card or bank account on file before lessons can be booked.

Sorry, no cash or checks please.

How do I officially cancel my lessons?

If you’re enrolled in our monthly plan and need to stop lessons, send us an email at least 7 days before the end of the month, and we’ll stop all future charges. Tuition is non-refundable once billed! If you cancel in the middle of a month after paying for that month, you can still use your remaining lessons, or you can request makeup credits to save them for later.

To cancel your enrollment, you MUST notify us in email. Cancelling your lessons in the Student Portal will not stop billing!

Is there a registration fee?

There is a registration fee to start the monthly enrollment ($39 per student, or $49 per family).

There’s no registration fee to book single lessons through the office, but there’s also no guarantee you’ll keep the same time slot, and the per-lesson price is higher. For students who want more than a couple lessons, the monthly membership is the way to go!

Do you offer family discounts?

Yes! We offer a 5% monthly discount for additional family members.

General Lesson Info

Are your lessons online or in-person?

As of May 2021, our studio is re-opening for in-person lessons in Leander, just northwest of Austin, TX! All our teachers offer remote lessons as well, so students can choose the option they like best. (Or any combination of the two!) Read more on our online lessons.

Where are you located?

We’re in Leander, TX, a suburb of Austin, TX. Yep, the Live Music Capitol of the World is in our backyard! Read more about where to find us on our Location page.

Do you offer private or group lessons?

Most of our lessons are private, one-on-one lessons. Our Rock Band program was put on hold in March 2020, but we hope to bring that back as of summer 2021. Rock on!

How often and where are lessons held?

Lessons will be held weekly, either in our Leander school location, or online through Zoom – your choice!

A note about hybrid lessons: It’s easy to fit in extra sessions from home, so if you’re wanting more time for faster progress, consider doing two lessons per week: one in-person, and one from home! This also helps the student stay motivated to practice, since check-ins with your teacher will be twice as often.

How long are your lessons?

Lessons can be booked in 30, 45, or 60-minute time slots.

What ages do you teach?

For private lessons, ages 5 to around 110. (Theoretically, of course. We haven’t hit our upper age limit yet.)

Our minimum age to start private music lessons is five years old, but success with children that young depends a lot on how involved the parents are at practice time.

As for adults – at the time of this writing, our student holding the record is 82 years young!

Do I need my own instrument?

At the school, you can borrow one of ours for the first lesson or two, but you’ll need your own to practice at home. Also consider renting before buying! Rock and Roll Rentals in North Austin on Burnet is a great option. Rent a drum set, guitar, or bass for a month, try it out, and see what feels best!

For online lessons, you’ll definitely need your own instrument by at least the second lesson.

Do you host recitals?

Absolutely! There’s no better way to grow as a musician than to perform live, and we encourage it as often as possible.

For years, we’ve hosted recitals and rock band concerts for students at least four times a year, in various venues in Cedar Park, Leander, Pflugerville, and Austin. During COVID, we hosted online video recitals, but as of summer 2021, we’re getting back onto the stage!

What teaching curriculum do you use?

Every teacher is different, and assigns songs, books, or exercises based on their preferred teaching methods and the student’s skill level and musical tastes.

We often ask students to suggest their own songs, in addition to music chosen by the teachers, and we’ll work to help students create, practice, and perform arrangements tailored to their instrument and abilities. Everyone enjoys practicing more when it’s music they already love!

What's your bad weather policy?

We’ll follow forecasts on weather.com to determine whether roads are safe enough to conduct lessons at the school. If roads are unsafe, all lessons that day will be done online using Zoom. Decisions on any given day will be made as early as possible, but no later than 11am. Check our Sense & Color Facebook Page to see the official word on closures. If there’s nothing posted there, the school is open for in-person lessons!

Note: Local schools being closed on a given day does not mean that we will automatically be closed! Most of our private lessons don’t start until afternoon, so if forecasts show significant improvement by that time, we’ll be open.

Since weather is out of our control, we cannot offer makeups or credits to students who choose not to take the online option that day. Even if a student doesn’t have a good setup at home for online, a session where the student and teacher just talk about music theory, or discuss future musical projects or ideas, is better than no lesson at all!

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

This question is on our online sign up forms because — well, because we think we’re hilarious.

The answer we’re looking for, of course, is “African or European?” — although we’re pretty impressed that so many of you actually took the time to google it and respond that the actual airspeed velocity is approximately 24 miles per hour or 11 meters per second.

For those who still think we’re a little crazy, the joke stems from the movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”.

Here’s the scene from the movie where the joke is first set up:

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We get a kick out of seeing the answers to that one, so thanks to everyone for playing along.

COVID Precautions

Do you require masks inside the school?

Yes! With so many in Texas not yet vaccinated, wearing a mask is still a great way to do what we love while still keeping ourselves and our students safe. And they can be a fashion statement!

All students, parents, and teachers must wear a face mask (covering nose and mouth) while indoors, with possible exceptions during lessons to be decided by the student, parent, and teacher. If the teacher prefers a mask, we ask that students keep theirs on – and likewise, if the student or parent prefers them, our teachers will happily comply.)

Anyone who does not wish to wear a mask while inside the school may continue to study with us online!

Are your teachers fully vaccinated?

Yes! All teachers offering in-person lessons in our Leander studio are past the two-week wait after their final vaccination shot. Woohoo! 

What other steps are you taking to keep students safe?

We’ve taken COVID-19 seriously since March 2020, and we’ll continue to do so! In addition to requiring masks and ensuring teachers have received their vaccines:


  • Each room has its own HEPA air purifier, which not only helps reduce airborne virus particles, but also cuts down on dust and allergens.
  • Lesson times have been staggered, and five-minute breaks have been added between lessons to give teachers time to wash hands and keep surfaces clean, as well as to limit the number of people in the hallway at once.
  • If teachers or students experience any symptoms whatsoever, we ask that lessons be done online that day. Our teachers will be happy to do any lesson online instead of in-person by request, provided they have at least thirty minutes’ notice to prepare their space.
  • If local case numbers increase sharply or the studio experiences an exposure to COVID-19, lessons may be immediately moved online until it’s safe to re-open.