Pricing & Fees

Build a musical routine with weekly reserved lessons and a convenient monthly payment. No contracts, and start anytime!

The Monthly Membership

Keep your favorite time and teacher reserved every week with weekly one-on-one private lessons!

Our school tuition is based on 48 lessons per year, divided into 12 equal monthly payments. The four weeks not included in tuition are:

Some months will have five lessons, some four, and some three, but the monthly tuition stays the same year-round, keeping accounting simple for everybody.


At this time we do not offer a discount for multiple family members in separate private lessons. However, if two family members are taking a class together in the same 45-minute time slot, we offer a 50% discount for the second student!

To get started, first fill out our student registration form, then watch for an email from us to schedule your first trial session for $25. There are no more charges until you confirm you’re ready to continue, so be sure to contact us afterward and give us the thumbs up to go ahead and reserve that spot!

A credit card or bank account on file is required for monthly invoicing.

Individual Private Lessons

Contact the office to book single lessons for $57.50 each.

Individual lessons are flexible, but there’s no guarantee your time will stay open for you. If it’s important to keep your same time and teacher, then monthly enrollment is the way to go!