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Updated August 2, 2023


  • The enrollment fee for new students is a one-time $39 per student, with no annual fee. For returning students, the re-enrollment fee is $29. (The re-enrollment fee for returning students is new, and will take effect as of October 2023).

YOUR CLIENT PORTAL (https://senseandcolor.opus1.io/login/)

  • Use of the client portal is required by students or parents for canceling lessons, scheduling makeups, keeping credit cards up to date, and staying informed on upcoming lessons and events.

  • Visit https://senseandcolor.opus1.io/login/ and click "Get login link by email." Follow the temporary login link from your email, then change your password to something you'll remember.


  • Automated reminders are sent via email and text before every lesson (36 hours in advance via email, and 24 hours in advance via text). Cancellations and other lesson changes are also communicated via both email and text.

  • If you are not receiving these, or would like the notices sent to another email/phone number, email staff@senseandcolor.com or text 512-817-3663 to let us know right away. Students/parents are responsible for making sure they are receiving these communications. It is possible to opt out of text messages, but we are not responsible for students missing important communication due to opting out of texts or not reading emails!


Sense & Color School of Music does not provide refunds for missed or canceled lessons. Lessons MUST be canceled online in your client portal at least 24 hours in advance in order to receive a makeup credit.

  • Students may cancel lessons in the portal with at least 24 hours’ notice and receive a makeup credit, which can be used in the portal to book another lesson of the same type and length. Makeup lessons may be booked with any teacher who teaches that instrument.

  • Lessons canceled with less than 24 hours’ notice, for any reason, may not be made up. (If we allowed this, we'd be paying the teacher for the same lesson twice.)

  • Please do not send cancellation requests through email, text, or any method other than the client portal. The only way to guarantee a makeup credit is to log in and cancel the lesson through the portal at least 24 hours before lesson time.

  • Makeup lessons with your same teacher are not guaranteed. If your teacher’s schedule is full, we recommend checking other teachers' schedules, or checking back frequently for cancellations. If no spots are available, you may contact admin to request the makeup be updated to apply to a different instrument.

  • Makeup credits may not be issued for a lesson until that lesson has been paid for. If you'd like to cancel a lesson in advance for next month, you’ll need to either wait until that month after the invoice is paid, or log into the portal and pay the next month's invoice early in order to receive a credit for that lesson.

  • Makeup credits due to student cancellations will expire after 60 days. Makeup credits due to teacher or school cancellations will not expire as long as you remain enrolled.

  • If a student cancels their monthly enrollment, they will have 14 days to complete any remaining makeup credits after billing ends.

  • If a teacher needs to cancel or reschedule:

    • Before canceling lessons, we will first work to arrange a substitute. If we cannot, we’ll reach out by email and/or text. Please be sure that we have multiple contact phone numbers if needed to ensure we can reach you regarding last-minute schedule changes.

    • We will offer the option of either a makeup credit, or an invoice credit toward the following month’s lessons if makeups are too difficult to arrange. (Teacher cancellations only. Student cancellations may not be credited to future invoices.)

  • In the event of dangerous weather or other situations out of the school’s control, some lessons may need to move online rather than in person. If online is not an option, students may choose to reschedule the lesson to a later date.

  • Makeups may not be booked more than 14 days in advance, as this blocks recurring times for future new students.

  • Makeup lessons may not be canceled by students for another makeup credit. If a teacher needs to cancel a makeup lesson, that credit will be reinstated to use again.


  • Membership is month-to-month, with no contracts required. Monthly invoices are due on the 1st, and a 10% late fee will be added to invoices not paid in full by the 9th.

  • Students must keep a valid credit card on file for monthly autodraft. Students can update credit cards and pay invoices in the client portal.

  • Our monthly tuition includes 48 lessons per year, divided evenly over 12 monthly payments. The four weeks not included in the monthly tuition are:

    Some months will have five lessons, some will have four, and some will have three, but the final lesson total for the year should always be 48. We do not automatically close for school and bank holidays.

  • We cannot hold reserved lesson times for students without payment, so if a student cancels their monthly enrollment, they will need to re-enroll when they return, and will be added back into the schedule wherever there is space, at the current rate for new students. In order to keep a specific lesson time reserved over a break, students will need to continue their monthly membership and may save the missed lessons as makeup credits to book later.


  • Sense & Color holds six recitals per year, alternating teachers each time, so each student should receive 3-4 recital opportunities per year.

  • Recital fees are included in your monthly fee. Not participating in recitals does not lower the monthly fee.

  • An active monthly membership is required in order to participate in recitals.


  • To cancel your enrollment, you must email staff@senseandcolor.com at least 7 full days before the end of the month to immediately stop billing. Cancellation requests received fewer than 7 days before the end of the month will take effect at the end of the following month.

  • Any lessons remaining that month may not be refunded, but may still be taken or saved as makeup credits.

  • All makeup credits will expire 14 days after your billing ends. (For example, if you submit your cancellation request on May 12th, your billing will end on May 31st, and you’ll have until June 13th to get your makeups in before the credits expire. If you submit your cancellation request on May 27th, your billing will end on June 30th, and your makeups will expire July 13th.)

Photo/Video Release: Unless requested in writing (staff@senseandcolor.com), Sense & Color School of Music is granted permission to take photographs/videos of students at the school or recitals to use in websites, posters, advertisements, and other promotional materials. Disclaimer: We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

I acknowledge that I have read and accepted Sense & Color School of Music’s policies.

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