Emanuel Wynter

*Schedule Full, Violin

NOTE: Currently, Emanuel lives in Charlotte, NC, so lessons with him are online only.

About Emanuel

Originally from New York City, Emanuel Wynter began playing violin in first grade with classical lessons, and was playing professionally by the age of 19, picking up guitar, piano, and bass along the way.

Since 2014, Emanuel has performed at countless venues in 9 states, both solo and with touring bands, all the while exuding a sweet and soulful energy that entices and captivates his audiences. In addition to writing and releasing his own music, Emanuel is a member of Sticks and Stones and 9daytrip, two bands native to North Carolina.

Emanuel’s primary musical influences range from jazz and the blues to rock and neo-soul, but he shines in every genre, and the precision and perfect control he brings to his playing makes every song a masterpiece. 

With an easy-going, encouraging manner and frequent smile, Emanuel puts students at ease quickly, and his wealth of experience, both in classical training and real-world stage time, gives him an endless source of learning material to pull from. Emanuel is a highly sought-after instructor, artist, and studio musician, so we are thrilled to have him available to work with our students online!

(Want to read more? Check out this recent Charlotte magazine article about the release of his debut solo album in 2020.)

Currently, Emanuel lives in Charlotte, NC, so lessons with him will remain online only for our Cedar Park students. Photo by Kennedy Marie.