Student Spotlight: Jacob Troller

Teen boy playing percussion in a marching band uniform

Leander ISD has some incredible music and theater departments, and we’re beyond proud of our students who contribute to that success. Congrats to Jacob and the Rouse HS Marching Band on advancing to state competitions this month!

(Side note from Amy, school owner: Jacob feels like such a cornerstone of Sense & Color that when I initially started writing this post, I checked old emails to see when he started with us on drums, completely expecting it to be 2016 or earlier. I was mildly shocked to see it was only in late 2019 that he picked them up for the first time!)

Jacob Troller started with Sense & Color just four years ago, back when we were still in Cedar Park, studying drums with instructors Jimmy Spencer, Matt Keiser, and Chase Ozment before transitioning to lessons with Zack Allen last year. We asked about what it’s been like to work with so many different drummers. “My teachers over the past few years have all influenced my drumming style in major ways,” Jacob says. “As a beginner, I was taught proper technique, and now as a more intermediate-level drummer, I’m learning to better control groove and timing, which has helped in my musical endeavors in percussion as a whole, not just drum set.”

Currently Jacob holds down the rhythm section for the Sense & Color rock band [Insert Band Name Here], and is a part of the Rouse High School Marching Band (which just advanced to State as the 3A San Antonio Super Regional Champions!) As a graduating senior in 2024, Jacob’s sights are already set on university music programs. “I’ve been working on gathering audition materials for that,” Jacob says, “since it’s a little more intensive than other auditions.”

When asked how the past four years or music lessons impacted his future life choices, Jacob tells us that Sense & Color acted not only as a gateway, but a catalyst in his decision to delve further into music. “My first drum teacher inspired me to join my school band, and continuing to learn from him and my other teachers over the last few years has only made me more excited to pursue music outside of high school.”

At Sense & Color, we take great pride in our students’ accomplishments, and between his band achievements and attaining the rank of Eagle Scout, Jacob’s given us a lot to brag about! He’s a skilled drummer, but more importantly, he listens—not only to his teachers, but to other band members. He’s been a great role model for our younger players in the art of collaboration, a crucial skill for any musician who hopes to play with others.

We believe that music can have a profound impact on students outside the rehearsal and performance space, and Jacob agrees, adding that working with music refined his work ethic and communication skills–traits that directly contributed to his success in Boy Scouts. “Where I learned leadership from scouting, I really honed in on other critical skills through music, and I don’t think I’d be where I am today had I not chosen to get into music.”

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Teen boy playing percussion in a marching band uniform

Student Spotlight: Jacob Troller

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