NOTE: Currently, George lives in Tennessee, so lessons with him are online only.

Born and raised in Florida, George Colyer fell in love with the guitar at the age of 16. He was first introduced to bluegrass music and the mandolin in the hills of Virginia, and immediately went home and purchased a $45 mandolin at a pawn shop. The rest is musical history. George has lived and played in South Carolina, and has played over a thousand shows with his wife Kelly and their bluegrass band (My Girl, My Whiskey, and Me), including a once-in-a-lifetime tour playing shows in every one of the 50 US states within a single year.

George’s biggest musical inspirations are The Punch Brothers, Chris Thile, and Sufjan Stevens, and he channels the sound of the south on multiple instruments, including mandolin, banjo, guitar, double bass, and the bones. He’s quick on his feet musically, able to improv and learn music instantly by ear, and he loves diving into music theory to learn what makes music tick.

Currently, George lives with his wife and new son in Tennessee, and offers online lessons in banjo and mandolin. Students who love folk and bluegrass, or who are ready to get their fingers deep into the inner workings of amazing music, will absolutely love working with him!

(Note: Since George is not in Texas, lessons with him will remain online only!)