Don Shipman (In Person)

Guitar, Drums, Beginner Piano, Ukulele
Guitar player stands on stage with guitar

Don Shipman is a passionate musician who plays and teaches acoustic and electric guitar, drumset and percussion, ukulele, and beginner piano. His greatest joys are making music, and sharing music with others.

Don’s musical journey started in early childhood, playing percussion in middle school band concerts, marching snare in marching band, and jazz band drumset. In later years, Don was featured in the Texas All-Region Jazz band from 2009-2011, and graduated from the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA with a degree in Guitar Performance.

He’s a great asset for our advanced students, with extensive knowledge in music theory, scales, modes, fretboard technique, and songwriting. However, he’s not limited to our advanced students—he’s also a perfect choice for our youngest and shyest beginners, with a quiet, patient, and encouraging demeanor.

Don is frequently featured on guitar with his bands Vilamoura (modern metalcore), Cytera (progressive metal), and Feels Like Forever (pop punk/post hardcore), and he’s been active in the Texas Metal/Hard Rock/Post Hardcore scene for nine years. At Sense & Color, we joke that Don is our Clark Kent—sweet, quiet, and mild-mannered in one-on-one situations, but the moment he hits the stage, it’s clear that he’s doing exactly what he’s meant to do.

Don provides a solid technical foundation for helping students make fast progress in learning to play a musical instrument, but he understands that progress can take time, and works to provide support and encouragement through every step of learning. He also knows that the best way to keep students motivated to put in the work is to keep lessons exciting and fun!

Ready to book a trial session with Don? Check Don's availability here, and let him show you why music is a great thing to be involved with at any age.

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