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NOTE: Our phone number is text-only! (This wasn’t our preference, by the way. The best way to get our automated text reminders was to go with a text-only number, and since we only received a handful of phone calls each month, we decided the automated reminders were worth the switch.)

Text vs email? Email’s good (at, but text (at 512-817-3663) is better, since our text message interface is actually part of our scheduling software, and texting keeps communications in the same place as our lesson reminders, etc. Feel free to text us at any time day or night—no promise on late-night responses, but it’s not unusual for us to work into the late hours, so you never know! You won’t bother anyone by sending super late texts.

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Awesome private music lessons in the heart of Leander TX, just minutes from Old Town Leander, Liberty Hill, and Cedar Park.
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Phone: 830-326-9600 (We love texts!)


Hours vary depending on lesson schedules.

Sense & Color School of Music
660 S. Bagdad Rd. #410
Leander, TX 78641

Visits by appointment only, please.

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