Sam Irvine

Sam Irvine

NOTE: Sam is available for online lessons only.

About Sam

Born and raised in Concord, New Hampshire, Sam Irvine has held a strong interest in music from an early age in part due to his parents involvement in that career path. By 2004, he began playing trombone and received lessons from his father, with additional assistance from his mother to help advance his progress on the instrument. Years later, Sam had begun to take an interest in arranging and composing through his high school music theory courses, that he later discovered to be more than a hobby after he was given the opportunity to conduct one of his own arrangements for his school’s wind ensemble. During summers through middle and high school, Sam spent large amounts of time playing with his parents as a trombonist in the Nevers Second Regiment Band. In the summer of 2015, he was given the opportunity to compose and conduct a commission entitled “Sestercentennial of the Granite City” for the Nevers Band as tribute to his hometown’s 250th anniversary. Samuel has been teaching private music lessons since 2012 and still enjoys it immensely to this day.

Mr. Irvine graduated from Keene State College in 2016 with undergraduate degrees in Music Education and Composition. After continuing to compose, perform and teach for another year, Samuel relocated to Austin, TX in 2017 and soon began getting studio work as a performer. Sam continues to arrange and compose on a commission basis and consistently works on his own compositions. In the future, he plans to complete a master’s degree in composition.

Currently, Samuel Irvine regularly performs a wide range of genres on various instruments. Most notably, he plays with Austin Samba, Big Wy’s Brass Band, Bourgeois Mystics, the Dirty 6th Brass Band, Patois, the Savannah Red Jazz Quartet, and many more. Sam’s favorite music genres are Latin, funk, and reggae, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy playing others. Samuel intends to continue performing, composing and teaching for the foreseeable future.